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80% of your team
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Reduce stress from the most taxing part of your employees' life: their responsibility as a caregiver.

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4 of 5 employees are caring for an aging loved one. Gone are the days where competitive salary and vacation benefits drive hiring and retention. Employees today value employers who offer support that extends beyond the workplace and into the most important parts of an employee’s life.

Worthright specializes helping caregivers setup and deliver the financial fortitude needed when caring for an aging loved one. We do that by using data and human understanding to find financial opportunities they didn’t know they had.

Nearly everyone is a caregiver, some to parents and children.
4 in 5 employees are caring for an aging loved one. 38% of employees cite a cognitive impairment being present in their caregiving experience, and another 20% fear they will face it in the near future
Caregiving is extremely stressful.
70% of working caregivers report work-related difficulties due to their dual role.
It is everyone's problem.
It is estimated that employers lose $38b per year in care-related productivity loss.

82% of Employees

Last year, 82% of employees took a leave of absence, time off, or left their job entirely for their caregiving role. Help your team through this stressful experience.

Have Worthright help my employees

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