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You've worked for your life insurance policy for decades, now it's time you let it work for you. Whether it's more retirement income, specific care, or a desire to hold on to more cash - an existing life insurance policy might be the solution.

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As we age, we and our loved ones sometimes require costly attention and care. Finding an advocate to help navigate paying for this time of life can make or break a family's livelihood. Tapping into an older, existing life insurance policy can be a powerful source of money to use now, when you need it the most.

Navigating the maze of long-term care is a stress-inducing nightmare.
Thousands of staffing agencies, placement agents, law firms, care providers and financial advisors exist to help people live a full life while they age, and while their families pay. Knowing who to talk to and when is the hard part.
Only 13% of families are prepared to pay for Long Term Care.
According to a study done by AARP, 76% of adults want to stay in their home as long as they can, yet only 13% or financially prepared to do so.
Going at it alone requires time, diligence and a lot of sacrifice.
A typical "Sandwich Caregiver" spends 22 hours per week navigating and providing care for an aging loved one, yet they receive little or no workplace benefits or financial support for doing so.

7 out of 10 people

Will need long term care services either in their home, or in a facility. Yet only 13% of people are prepared to pay for that.

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